One of the biggest advantages of Mac over Windows is in its applications for editing images and videos, being preferred by many designers. But it can be difficult to find good software, especially if you are transitioning from the PC to the Apple desktop. Because of that, we’ve listed 5 of the best photo editor for Mac and, of course, we’ve also put some of iOS to help you continue your work even away from the computer, even more so if Apple Pencil is an essential accessory for your creations.

Free Mac and iOS Image Editors iPhoto (free)

A simple image editing application for Mac, iPhoto is about to be replaced by Photos for Mac, next item on our list. Perfect for anyone who is starting to edit images and still does not have much knowledge to perform simple operations, the application still has synchronization with Facebook and iCloud.

Photos for Mac (free)

A replacement for iPhoto, which should be out of the box soon, Photos for Mac retains many features of the original, including syncing with iCloud, plus simplicity. Still, the app comes with more features than its predecessor and already breaks the branch for those who do not make professional-level edits.

GIMP (free)

The GIMP has most of the features found in Photoshop, but not as friendly or intuitive as the Adobe application. One of its main criticisms was the lack of better documentation to help users tinker with the program, which was fixed.

Adobe Photoshop Mix (free – only for iOS)

A free option of the famous software, the Adobe Photoshop Mix is available for iPhone and iPad. The main function of the app is to allow cut and paste elements of images in each other, being one of the easiest to use in this question.

It also has extensive support for different formats, such as PSD and images coming from the mobile version of Adobe Lightroom. Requires a free Creative Cloud account to use.

My Sketch (free for limited time, exclusive for iOS)

Like Prisma, just released on Android, My Sketch lets you turn your photos into works of art. But instead of enabling this through filters, it is actually possible to edit your images and put your own touch on the transformations. According to your page in iTunes, the app is free for a limited time, so it might be a good idea to consider it first for your tests.

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