Video conferencing system is composed of a variety of hardware and software dedicated to the system. One has to take care of several factors while setting up video conference systems, for example, ways to transfer of data, compression of data, and devices required to display as well as record audio and video.

So, in this article let us focus on the core of the video conference system to work successfully:

  • Input of Audio

In an effective video clip conferencing arrangement, a system will normally consist of either a choice of microphones, situated in the facility or placed before the people participating. People might additionally utilize cordless headsets or any other suitable kinds of audio input.


  • Input of Video

For recording people participating in the conference, two or more cameras are required depending on the size of the group participating in the conference. These cams can be incorporated with the computer systems or established to be made use of from another location such as in the center of a room or before a flip graph or various another thing that is needed in the meeting.

  • Output of Audio

Effective video conferencing systems will generally consist of specialist top quality audio speakers placed around the space, integrated into a laptop computer or computer system audio speakers, or devoted earphones.


  • Output of Video

This equipment will show the video feed from the various another individual. These typically can be found in the kind of computer system screens, displays, TV screens, or projectors

  • Software for Echo Reduction

This permits real-time discussion to occur effectively, getting rid of sound hold-ups as well as resemble noises reducing the dangers of misconception.

  • Codec

It is one of the most important components of video conferencing systems, video and sound codecs are in charge of pressing and unwinding the information that is sent out throughout a meeting.

  • Steady Network

Nowadays, video conferencing systems typically depend on high-speed broadband or fiber optic links with the ability to take care of the high-speed data transfer. In some conditions, LAN, as well as ISDN connections, might be utilized.

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